large living room

on 100 sqm of living space there are 2 bedrooms, each with a double bed

and 1 bedroom with 3 beds.

In addition, a large living room with a nice couch,(for the 8. person)

a fully equipped kitchen,

a winter garden  and a bathroom with shower. 













TV:  the tv in the living room as well as the tv in the 3 bed-room is connected with a media receiver from the German Telekom

Entertainer of Deutsche Telekom offers 70 channels, CNN, BBC as well.



Internet access: Kölsche-Klüngel offers unlimited internet access for free.

Access authorization or the security key (password) can be found on a separate desk in the apartment.

Upon the receipt of the full renll payment,  wether done by bank or full payment in cash, the client agree the use of internet law to respect the rules for the protection of copyright.

The client shall exempt the owner from any claims of rightholders expressly free.



Washing and drying: in the basement,laundry room, you will find both, a washing machine and  a dryer, both for free. Both were used only by the guests and by us.

The key for the basement is identical to the house entrance key.



 Waste disposal: in the courtyard are the dustbins.  2 carbage container in blue, only for   paper, 2 container in yellow, only for plastic, and 3 container in grey, for the residual waste.  

Glass bottles please leave at short stay in the apartment or courtyard, these bottles are disposed of by us. Please, do not throw glass in the containers.